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Fresh off the Corner: CSG celebrates its 1 year!

October 17, 2016 • By


A couple of weekends ago the good fellas at Corner Store Goods invited the AO team out to the illustrious Burn Rubber shoe store for their 1 year anniversary/Pop Up shop event. Hosted after-hours, the brand showed love to its folks, introducing some new pieces from their collection, ranging from tees to hoodies, just in time for the fall. The spirits were flowing, the mood was lovely, and the fellas behind the brand kept everybody in the loop.

I briefly spoke with the crew about the brand, with its origins coming from the owners all meeting up at MSU; two of them being brothers and growing from there as a collective after sharing a common idea. Through the love of the people, the line has already came far with their pieces going fast and of course them being housed in one of the most popular sneaker stores in Michigan, Burn Rubber. A tall feat indeed for only a year, the brand seems to not be losing any steam with theirs designs harping in between boldness in design patterns while maintaining a subtle look that’s perfect for every day wear.

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Master P’s Monologues: How Solange Helped Us See Our Worth in “A Seat at the Table”

October 5, 2016 • By

On September 30th, Solange Knowles released her first project in 8 years, A Seat at the Table. With anthems like “FUBU“, “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Mad” she captured the temperament of the modern-day Black Renaissance Era. The Queen Solange did not do it all on her own. With features from Lil Wayne, Sampha, The Dream, BJ the Chicago Kid, Q-Tip, Kelly Rowland, and Kelea she created perfection. Knowles even called on New Orleans native Master P for some help putting confidence back in the black community.



Throughout this wonderful project we hear monologues from the King of New Orleans Rap recalling his journey to becoming a self-made mogul. These monologues add to the theme of self-awareness, strength, and the ability to grow despite adversity. Seldom do we stop and listen to our pioneers, but Master P gives us glorious advice throughout this album. In the first one he states “as long as you find peace within you, you’re successful” helping us to see life in a more positive light then the money driven world constantly shoved down our throats.

In the interlude: For Us By Us he says, “What do you think I’m worth if this white man offered me a million dollars? I gotta be worth forty or fifty”. This one sentence alone has been tweeted, made a Facebook status of, and repeated thousands of times since the album dropped helping people realize that they should not settle. In other interludes like “No Limits” and “Pedestals” he shares history of his journey becoming who he was and how he did it from the beginning with nothing.


In the closing of the album Master P leaves us with the greatest message of the album

“We came here as slaves, but we’re going out as royalty. We are able to show that we are truly the chosen ones”.

The flow of Solange’s most critically acclaimed project is strong, empowering, and beautiful. She took her time to create an album that we could all relate to and with the help of Master P’s monologues we are able to see that our success will come with our journey and peace within.

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Supakaine | We Gon Be Ok feat. Chuck Inglish w/Chase-N-Cashe

September 26, 2016 • By

Just like in any major city there’s a sense of chaos that surrounds it. We just happen to live in Detroit and bask in it often, involuntarily.  So to adapt a more positive midst and realize that you can’t stop living you’ll gradually see your surroundings change. It’s necessary. Know who to keep around and reassure to them (and yourself) that We Gon Be Ok. Keep that hope alive if you will.

Supakaine is pulling encouragement from his personal experiences for those who are listening/watching with help from Chuck Inglish and production from DaG. This is probably one of the hardest songs I’ve heard from Supakaine and JerryPHD was able to get the visual together efficiently! Yes! Look at my city!

Peep the Chase-N-Cashe cameo one time and stream We Gon Be Ok from Supakaine’s sound cloud

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New Music! Milfie | Behavior

September 22, 2016 • By

As the summer come to a close Milfie continues to keep her audience afloat with her new hit single Behavior. It has been little over 6 months since herself and producer StopBeingSober (who also produced Milfie’s RockNRye and Perfect) worked together. Listening to the difference in sound is quite fulfilling on top of the fact that I’m totally fucking with this track.

Check out Behavior and enjoy!

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Nigga, I was sleep; Bass + Treble Weather Vol. 1

September 20, 2016 • By

When I tell you that I’ve been sleep, my guy. Man.

Bass + Treble Weather is an EP compiled of new tunes from Jaye Prime, Detroit Che, Eli Myles, and  ALI Keys. This super team joined together to put out an EP with a ‘different’ approach. Unlike anything I’ve heard coming out of the city. Once you hit play a wave of upbeat, almost celebratory, music begins to hit your bones. Something to get lost in and dance to. Like yo, I was sleep af. I didn’t know what to expect from this EP but I’m more than glad that I pressed play.

If you wanna hear some Bass + Treble Weather  for yourself don’t be hesitate to hit the link below and groove! And if you wanna dissect the artist individually explore their soundclouds for a bit!

»Jaye Prime

»Detroit Che 

»Eli Myles 

»ALI Keys

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1st Annual African World Film Festival

September 19, 2016 • By

For as long as I could remember the African World Festival, here in Detroit, has always been a staple in my childhood/adulthood. It’s nothing like seeing Black people celebrating our heritage and culture. From traditional garments to hearing djembes being played with pride while the young and old dance their hearts away. The vibrations alone is alluring and I’m more than proud of the progress throughout the years. The festival moved from Hart Plaza to The Charles Wright Museum on Warren in midtown Detroit. Which happens to be the nations largest African-American museum. So yeah, talk about legendary.

Speaking of growth, I was able to attend the first annual film festival. Yes. 16 filmmakers had the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces during the festival! The goal is to shine light on creatives who’s generating positive reactions with their work.


The minds behind bringing this idea into reality are from Eric Wells of Lightsup Entertainment and Letia Solomon of L. Solo Productions. The two was led by their love of directing, filming and acting. Why not? Who doesn’t like a good film, or two, or three, or ten? During this event I indulged in some great films. Some made me laugh, a few made me cry and/or gave me a new outlook on people and how they live their lives. The perspective from each director was insightful! Check out the films and their makers below!


Africa For Ebola Orphans – Cameroon by Franco Bonghan (Cameroon)
Memoirs of a Black Man by Christian Davis (Detroit)
The sounds of street vendors: by Michael Brims (Houston)
Vela & Niyah by Rashada Fortier (New Orleans)
Marianne by Tomisin Adepeju (London UK)