Cruising Music: Tenfold by Big Ang

July 22, 2016 • By

2016 has been full of awesome music and a lot of it has come from Detroit artists. Big Ang is a humble dude from Puritan Ave known for his fun personality and metaphoric bars. Earlier this year he dropped his highly anticipated project The Marble Collection and his song “Tenfold” is definitely my favorite.

“Tenfold” describes Ang’s fight to the top for not just the fame, but the paper. Climbing up the underground rap ladder is a reality for many and this song will blow your mind like the Delfonics as the big guy so beautifully illustrates. The whole album is built for chilling with its dope rhymes and relaxing beats, and this song will give you an awesome peak at who Big Ang is. Check out Tenfold and play it as you stack your paper.

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Short Film: SEA OF EXPRESSION feat. FYNYR dir. by Joe Hendo

July 19, 2016 • By

Here in this short film, at first glance, you’re watching what may seem like someone is merely someone judging themselves. When in fact FYNYR (who’s featured) is showing off two different personalities. The one who’s simply just living and the other who’s observing and figuring himself out. The conflict; the balance. Something that I often find myself doing when I find my life spiraling out of control (lol??). I think Joe Hendo captured this “mood” pretty well.

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The Hustle: Encouragement from Diddy

July 19, 2016 • By

“I was proud of working 18 hours a day and sleeping three hours a night. It’s something now that has turned into a problem for me: not being able to sleep… having insomnia.”

-Diddy on achieving success 

After only doing two years at the prestigious HBCU Howard University, Diddy went on to intern at Uptown Records for music exec. Andre Harrell and he eventually started his own record company Bad Boy Records which has sold millions of records since the 1990s. And it doesn’t hurt that Forbes reported that he is now worth an estimated $700 million dollars. Now that’s sustaining wealth!

In his thrust into the stratosphere of fame and fortune, college only provided him with some basic techniques that could be used once he understood the music business. He already had the intangibles that were taught to him by life itself, which is why he is so insanely successful today. But not everyone has this same mindset which leaves many young musical cohorts searching for answers.

While taking the college route, a lot of students are finding themselves in the cross-hairs of confusion. Should I stay in college just to make others proud of me and not be able to put 110% into my career, or should I drop out in hopes that I will enlist myself into a 6-figure bracket of pay while I’m doing what I love every day. These questions and more seem to haunt many people, including myself. But what I’ve learned overtime is that BALANCE has to be the avant-garde of our situations. We as creative’s inadvertently gravitate outside of our comfort zone’s everyday for inspiration so why not do so in terms of trying to discover the balance between College and the Music Industry? Write down a list of goals and aspirations, and do everything in your power to follow it. It’s that simple, and it doesn’t require any compensation at all, just faith.



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A Brief Letter on Black Sisterhood: Blk Girl Soldier

July 14, 2016 • By

Earlier this week I was avoiding responsibilities and scrolling through tumblr, when I came across a song by this woman Jamilah Woods called Blk Girl Soldier. Yes, the same Jamila who appeared on Chance the Rapper’s Sunday Candy.

Blk Girl Soldier was written and sang by Miss Woods. The song is basically about the strength and courage black women have always had standing up for our people. She also touches on how society often erases black women whether it’s the mainstream praising black female features on non black bodies or even our men who often overlook us. I love this song and Jamila’s jazzy voice, and the video is cool too. In the video she’s accompanied by two younger black girls as her backup dancers. She also pays homage to Harriet Tubman, Angela Davis, Assata Shakur and a few other women who had the courage to fight for their rights. This song is right on time for me as I am well aware how even though black women have been at the forefront of most of our people’s revolutions, we have been erased from the conversation. Or even blamed for the downfalls our communities, even still we continue to work hard and fight hard for a better day and I think this song is a perfect example of how tenacious we are. Of how important sisterhood is, especially for us!


I find this song to be inspirational as well as healing; I find myself playing it at least once a day now. Check Jamila out on her website and you can watch the video for Blk Girl Soldier above.

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Jesse Williams AKA: Activist Bae

July 11, 2016 • By

As made evident by the title this article was supposed to be about Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams and his gut punching speech he gave at the BET awards. It still is. But as I type this Black America has experienced yet another traumatic murder of one of our brothers at the hands of police. So, in my mind at least, Jesse’s speech is even more relevant and poignant in the wake of this. Jesse was awarded the Humanitarian award but he dedicated it to “other activists, black women, and the struggling parents, the teachers who are realizing that a system built to divide, impoverish and destroy us, cannot stand if we do” He went on: “We’ve been looking at the data, and we know police somehow manage to de-escalate, disarm and not kill white people every day. So what’s gonna happen is, we’re gonna have equal rights and justice in our own country or we’re gonna restructure their function and ours” Translation: Either give us due process and convict these officers OR we will have to come at ya’ll a different way and tear this system apart from the inside out. WHEW BABY!!   At least, that’s what I got out of it. His speech even inspired Alice Walker. Earlier last week she published a poem inspired by Jesse and his speech:

the beauty that scares you

-so you believe-

to death

For he is certainly gorgeous

and he is certainly where whiteness

to your disbelief

has not wandered off

to die.

No. it is there, tawny skin, gray eyes,

a Malcolm-esque jaw. His loyal


may God bless them

sitting proud and happy and no doubt


at what they have done.

For he is black too. And obviously

with a soul

made of everything

Try to think bigger than you ever have

or had courage to do:

that blackness is not where whiteness

wanders off to die: but that it is

like the dark matter

between stars and galaxies in

the Universe

that ultimately

holds it all


Ms. Walker stated the poem is about the fear of Blackness in white culture, but was also meant to praise Williams. Now, I have seen many different reactions to Jesse and his speech. Including someone starting a petition to have him fired for “hate speech against police officers and white people”. For me, though, the most offensive negative response came from within the black community itself. Dozens of posts bashing Jesse, saying he’s a poser, he’s only being listened to because he’s light skinned. People even putting him up against David Banner and Umar Johnson, saying he’s not saying anything they haven’t wondering why no one is listening to them. Well for one Umar is a big a liar and for two, who said people weren’t? Let me be clear: Jesse has been doing this since college. Let me take ya’ll back a lil bit.

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July 11, 2016 • By

This video’s a bit trippy but I likes it. Emphasis on Likes and yes the “S” is there on purpose. Milfie as of recent has been glowing up rather quickly here in Detroit with her music and is making it known that it’s better to be with her than against her with her single Poppin. So much girl power was put into this video thanks to Khloe Daniels for directing it. Enjoy!