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The WEEKEND PT 1: Murals & Sliders & Pie

April 25, 2016 • By

For a long time I’ve been a hermit. Totally disregarding the outside world and hiding out in a fort made of a quilt and several pillows. For a few reasons: I need to focus, sleep and…it’s cold out. But now, It’s warming up and I’m fueled by the sunshine therefore this weekend I decided to head out instead of burying myself in my beanbag.

Saturday morning I decided early in the day that I wouldn’t be going out. I was tired from the work week and felt the need to unwind. I’m also in the midst of balancing work, my blog and having a car; something I’m not used to. Shit can be stressful. Well, further into the day (I was at work) I told myself, “DAMN THIS”, and decided that I would go to an event called Murals & Sliders that was held at The Baltimore Gallery. I did my make-up and “gtfo”…

This was my first time at Murals & Sliders and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was real chill like. Artists was able to showcase their artwork (Good shit to Tony Rave, Sheefy, Candy Slice, and Freddy Diaz), There was live painting going on by Jimbo, burger lookin’ cupcakes from Neiko and Chicken n’ Waffle sliders…from whom I don’t know but that chicken. OMG. My favorite thing about the event is that, as horrible as it may sound, there weren’t any performances. I was able to direct my attention to good friends, Jameson, food and art. Quite refreshing.

Thank you Honey for the photos and putting together a solid event!



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TANGE LOMAX feat. Kenny Wizard | Anthems Only

April 12, 2016 • By

Tange Lomax and Kenny Wizard put together Anthems Only in hopes to uplift those who are working towards a goal. Whether you’re riding to work, hitting the gym or on your way out-of-town this song is geared towards those who needs that extra motivation. As well as something that touch base on how you’d feel and/or what you would say when you’re in the early stages of being interested in someone. Quite an interesting mixture, huh? And for those who didn’t know Anthems Only (which will be something more than just a song very soon) production is from @iamwalebeats who is an NC native just like Tange and Kenny. Yes teamwork! Get that shit! Check out the track below and enjoy 🙂


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Who the Hell is Joanne Prada?

April 12, 2016 • By

A liar. A scammer. I love robbery and fraud. If you are on social media you have heard these statements made by a bearded babe daunting a blonde lacefront. Joanne Prada is pop culture’s new maven teaching people how to scam their way to the top.

Joanne Prada aka Miss Prada aka Joanne the Scammer aka Brandon Miller is an LGBT culture icon dancing and scamming all over the country. A messy bitch who lives for drama, she is hilarious. Her Youtube channel gives the shadiest makeup tutorials and scammer lessons. Her Twitter tells you all who she is scamming as her instagram documents the madness. 

Miss Prada is not only a comedic genius, but she is a musical one too. Her soundcloud is full of vogue-like club bangers that will have you twerking through the robbery and fraud you are about to commit.

Your famous favorites love her too. Blac Chyna, Miss Fredia, and more have also been on the Miss Prada wave proclaiming their own lying and scamming. Rumor has it that she’s even invited to the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian wedding. Now that is a perfect event for a messy bitch who lives for drama.

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Chatter Box: My top 3 favorite podcasts

April 11, 2016 • By

Recently I have got really into podcasts; I listen to them while I do the housework, while my little guy is napping, or while I’m driving around running errands. I just love good, meaningful conversations and hearing people’s stories. Here I have compiled a short list of my top 3 favorite podcasts; in no particular order of course.

Howard graduates Eric and Brittney are two friends that resides in Manhattan who one day decided “hey let’s start a podcast! These two have covered a range of topics from gentrification to Kanye Wests’ antics and convenient self-serving politics. What I love so much about this podcast is that it’s a really smart show. It’s a space for two black nerds to talk about stuff from a black nerds perspective. They delve deep into the topics they cover even if on the surface they don’t seem to be worthy of intellectual conversation. One of my particular favorites is the episode about sex education and how not only safe sex, but consent and how to have a healthy relationship should be topics covered in American schools. They recently did an episode so good I listened to it  three times; ‘Ida B Wells: B is for Boss’ is absolutely one of the most informative and critical conversations about Ida I have ever heard. Each episode is roughly 45 mins to an hour and they upload on a biweekly basis. Also, not that I’m biased or anything but Brittney is actually a fellow Detroiter, so that’s a plus.

This podcast’s name pretty much speaks for itself. Every Thursday, Youtube personality Kid Fury and co-host Crissle come to us and read celebs and public personalities their rights. They run through the week’s pop culture and political highlights and offer insightful and HILARIOUS, commentary. They also have a Black Excellence segment where they highlight an accomplishment by an African-American. I also really love a segment of the show where they read questions listeners send in to them. They’re pretty honest in their answers and advice to people, which I love. Plus there’s nothing more entertaining than other people’s drama.

OK this one is close to my heart only because it’s hosted by one of my favorite comedians and is the very first podcast I ever listened to. It is hosted by Marc Maron and most of the episodes are recorded in his garage and are free form conversations between him and old comedy buddies as well as musicians, politicians, actors, writers and directors. One notable guest was the POTUS himself! That’s right,  Barack Obama stopped by the “cat ranch” (so-called because Marc has a habit of taking in stray cats) and had an hour-long chat with Marc about politics, family, and good music. I like this one especially because it’s a real no bullshit type of interview. The conversations that happen in Marc’s garage are raw and honest and you get to see, or hear, the side of famous people who you wouldn’t normally get to. There have been more than a few tears shed in that garage.  A few of my favorites are his talks with Mike Myers, Louis C.K., Ms. Pat, Robin Williams, and Allie Brosh.



Terrace Martin| With You

April 7, 2016 • By

So, my fellow friend and CEO of, Imani, made an interesting tweet that I had caught wind of the other day. She said that people forget that bloggers, promoters etc. are still consumers of music and that we actually do purchase music.

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I’ll even take it a step further and say that bloggers and journalists are usually the first ones to hear a lot of the new music before it’s released to the public, whether the artist may be underground or mainstream. Ahh the perks!

With that being said, I’ve been waiting on my guy Terrace Martin to drop his new album, Velvet Portraits for the longest. If you don’t know who he is, I suggest you go do a little bit of research via the internet, or through Kendrick, YG, and Snoop’s production credits. He can be heard all throughout Kendrick’s TPAB playing the sax, and vocoder.

Check out one of my personal favorites from his new album titled, With You

You can purchase Velvet Portraits on Itunes


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Kesha’s Fight for Freedom

April 7, 2016 • By

Kesha, a pop artist signed to Sony, has been in the news lately. Not for the typical paparazzi photos, or because she has a new album coming out, but because she is a victim of rape. Kesha says that her producer Dr. Luke raped and brainwashed her for years and she has petitioned the courts to get out of her contract with Sony Music so she would never have to work with him again.

For almost a year Kesha has endured many court dates testifying over and over about her sexual assault experiences and reliving her torture only to be denied, not once, but twice by New York judges saying that she is bound to her contract with Sony. Her contract requires her to not only make five more albums, but to work with Dr. Luke. Kesha also says that she was approached to say it was all a lie and everything would be forgiven on her part by Sony executives, but she refuses. FullSizeRender-26