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AO’s OST Presents: Tunes from the Wasteland a Fallout 4 musical guide.

November 24, 2015 • By


Winter is coming and with it comes the annual tradition of locking ourselves in our homes, snuggin up with your loved ones, and indulging in hours of our preferred vices to keep us busy during those cold days. Fallout 4 has released just in time for this human hibernation and with it comes another reminder of the great, grand music of yesteryear.

As it has done in its previous titles, the Fallout series has successfully implemented tunes from the ’30s to the early ’60s into a game whose visuals and scenery tells a completely different story from usually the songs being played throughout the game. If not for this series I would have missed gems of tunes from artists I woulda’ never heard the likes like the Ink Spots, and Connie Allen, just to name a few. Some of these songs are chosen around the themes of nuclear or the nuclear scare during the cold war but its fitting seeing as you’re in a nuclear devastated world. Cold war favorites liter this game and would make ya OG cry from the love ballads and swing songs from the like of the great Billie Holiday and Roy Brown that are dug up. Imagine yourself playing a game centered around traveling a post apocalyptic world. Killing deranged humans, murderers creatures, and radiated fiends whilst solving kidnappings and homicides, and being an all around bad ass with the tunes of Nat King Cole or Bing Crosby playing in the background. A very satisfying mix of chaos, class, savagery, and elegance.

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Detroit Producer Soundboy Talks About J Dilla, Meeting Questlove, and More

November 24, 2015 • By

Detroit’s own Soundboy released an album entitled NoFormat which is exciting on my behalf since we’re like musical brothers. He’s able to give you a glimpse of what he calls home with this album and I’m here to pick his brain and ask about his experiences with a few iconic DJ’s/producers.

Lets talk about the cover art for NoFormat.

The artwork for No Format was actually taken at Amp Fiddlers Studio (J Dilla mentor). My brother Josh was taking random pictures that day and after we had left Amps we looked over all the pictures and when I saw the picture I said that’s the pic for the cover most def.


What was the inspiration behind the name, NoFormat?

“House Shoes had come to town in the early part of the year. My mans Pat told me he was doing a set at Paramita Sound and told me to come too so he can introduce me to Shoes. It was live! Being able to kick it with Shoes was a blessing. Later on that night once the crowd started to disperse, he had played some unreleased footage of a Detroit Hip-Hop Documentary. In that documentary it was a clip of House Shoes interviewing Dilla at a college radio station. He was asked, ‘What comes first when you make your beats?’ To reword what he said, He said,

‘Making music shouldn’t have a FORMAT. Nothing is assigned to come first. It’s all about what you FEEL.’

…I’ve only seen this Interview one time and one time only. I was blessed to see it.”

Considering that J Dilla is one of your main inspirations, how has his music translated onto your creative process?

“Man Dilla has CHANGED MY LIFE. I wasnt even thinking about making music when I was younger…. I was all into basketball until my uncle put me on J Dillas album, The Shining in 2007 which is a classic album by the way. I was about 15 years old when I heard that album. Then that same day he put me on Slum Village. Pretty much everything that I heard that day made me want to know who it was that was producing the music when I was a kid. Then I did my research on Dilla and found out that he was responsible for the production from some of my favorite artist. I flipped because it was all coming together. Finding out who Dilla was, was like the missing piece to the puzzle of music for me. But he has played a huge roll in my life even though he is not with us today. I don’t try to replicate from him either. When I hear Dilla it just makes me MOTIVATED to make some music!”

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ALL HUSTLE- NO HANDOUTS: A motivational piece

November 18, 2015 • By

Every year in Detroit, concerts and festivals clutter the streets and people from all over come out in huge numbers. Different traditional events such as; (The Electronic Music Festival, GM River Days, Downtown Hoedown, Target Fireworks, Winter-Blast etc.) possess an emerging presence every calendar year.

As a sign of appreciation, many promoters and management of each event give HANDOUT’S towards the end that concert-goers can take home with them. Whether its pens, laminated flyers, or buttons, each person feels entitled and a part of the event after their experience. But while these are the standards for events, they shouldn’t be the standards for your life. Nothing in this lifetime will be at your usage if you don’t possess the characteristics of being hungry for your dreams and be able to have the greatest will-power to want to obtain success and acquire sustainable happiness. This idea of turning dreams into reality stems from the early stages of life when the world was in its formation stages.


In the Bible, it states that; “In the beginning, God created the heavens, and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” Through my faith, I believe that God didn’t make these the first words of the most important book in the world for no reason. It was a call to action that I believe should be taken seriously. A force that everyone has locked inside of their souls, so why not use it? Unless money is at your disposal, it is imperative that you get up every day and grind for the things that you aspire to have. So stay hungry, stay patient, and as always… Stay blessed.


FLYD 500 | Catalina Wine Mixer

November 18, 2015 • By

Yes, you read that correctly

 I think I now have the perfect drink for this weekend because of the single FLYD 500 put together. Catalina Wine Mixer is an easy-going track from his forthcoming project One Night Only that he released on his birthday! You’d think it’ll just be fitting for the summer because of the title but you can easily indulge in it at anytime. Hennessy and Champagne you say? I’m on it! Check him out on sound cloud below!

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Children building robots? ACI program inspires the world!

November 18, 2015 • By

These past few days have revealed to us what happens when people decide to go out and do evil things but in the midst of that ugliness are other people trying to do some good in the world. People like Olaoluwa Balogun, graduate of Obafemie Awolowo University in Nigeria, and creator of the ACI Computer Education organization; whose function is to teach children about technology and equip them with the tools to go on to become engineers and computer programmers.


Of the 30 million school aged children less than ⅓ is expected to continue in their studies but the ACI aims to change that by providing a more hands on approach to learning. One of the cool programs in the organization is teaching the children to build robots! Founded in 2011 and dubbed ‘Project 10,000 Kids’, this program takes 50 kids from 200 secondary schools in Nigeria plus 50 kids from the Kids and Teens Resource Center , and 100 kids from two orphanages in Lagos and teach them about robotics and coding. Children as young as 10 are learning to code, program, and build working robots! The ACI’s website states

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Nolan the Ninja F**k the Hype EP

November 16, 2015 • By

We all know of Nolan the Ninja being the fast rapping kid from Detroit just trying to stay true to the culture and with an EP entitled Fuck the Hype he’s making it his mission to lay down the fucking law. Hashtag “that ill shit”. With help from long-time teammate DJ Soko this EP proves to be solid and strong. It starts off with a Gil-Scott sampled piece while Nolan is basically letting you know that there’s no bullshit attached. As far as production, let’s see here…aside from Nolan and Soko you have young heavy hitters such as DaG, 5ynot, Just Pieces and a bonus joint from Jay P. And with 2 Dope Boyz, the legendary Emcee Serch and more who’s able to whole heartedly vouch for this EP, it’s something that should be taken seriously. There’s no time for gimmicks. Obviously, Because he’s calling all the “trash” rappers out. Check out all the greatness below.


You can buy F**k the Hype by Nolan the Ninja on iTunes. You can even grab a hardcopy and some cool stickers from him; Just be sure to follow Nolan on twitter for more info! If the ill shit touched your soul and you need even more of him in your library, his most recent beat tape Lo-Fi Loops is available on UndergroundHipHop.com for 40% off until Wednesday (11.18)! Enjoy!