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July 24, 2015 • By

From Their Block to Yours: Get to know Corner Store Goods.

I firmly believe in supporting small businesses, especially when they’re small, local ones. The only thing that would motivate me more than a small, local business is a black owned & operated one. Enter Corner Store Goods: launched on the 15th of July, Corner Store Goods is the New Detroit.


It a clothing brand that is inspired by the hunger & pride young Detroiters have. But, it’s more than “just a clothing brands”, it’s a culture. Created by Jonathan & Wesley Brooks along with Dwayne Carson, Phillip Drake, Damani Gatewood and Conrad Ohenzuwa, Corner Store Goods is, as Johnathan says, “…directly connected with Detroit culture.” Their first of three installments aptly titled

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No matter how you feel, you can’t deny that American Apparel dominates the market of over-priced basics. And they get a good portion of my check every week. There’s something about the sweatshop-free brand that evokes the memories of me being a glossy-eyed teen on Tumblr, marveling over the high-waisted, ultra mini, 100% spandex whatever-the-fuck that my mom wouldn’t buy me.

American Apparel represented an exclusive cool-girl-only club that I wanted desperately wanted to be a part of when I was an impressionable youth. Now that I am an impressionable twenty-one year old, I have attained the desired aesthetic of the stereotypical “American Apparel Girl”. Here’s a crash course on how to get the exact same look, or as I like to call it, How to Be Basic: An Introductory Course to Shopping at American Apparel.

To begin your American Apparel starter pack, you need a couple basic items:



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Recently I’ve found myself ear hooked on the very cool and calm Myles Hi and his Vices album. If you’re into weed, women and everything in between (pun, no pun?) then Vices will do you justice. When I first grabbed a listen it reminded me of The Cool Kids minus the bold, sort of simple, beats and verses from Sir Mickey Rocks. A Chuck English kind of feel (y’all knew where I was going with this). The beats ARE rather complex but it compliments well with Myles smooth flow. And if you’re not familiar he’s also a well known photographer. This is an example of transitioning music into yourself lifestyle without milking it and becoming a cornball with hopes to merely “make it”. Good shit.

While he produced most of his music you’ll hear sounds from T-Deezy, Loud Lord and Don Joh.

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Tuesday afternoon I was able to attend the first annual STEEZ DAY festival which was put into action for a well loved being and a big reason for why Pro Era is Pro Era. Capital STEEZ, who would’ve been 22, passed away 3 years ago but influenced everything around him in the most positive way possible. So to celebrate his birthday Pro Era put together STEEZ DAY which was a sold out event to 5,000 people! And what was even cooler is that all proceeds went to his family who all collectively wore tyedyed Steez shirts (so cute).

My day started off kind of hectic. Myself, my boyfriend (Tony Whlgn) and my friend Bre’ann (the photographer responsible for the photos below) had to gather our equipment, rush to Canal Street and grab even more stuff. We all had a duty, my guy was painting a mural of Capital Steez, Bre’ann was taking photos/networking and I was documenting