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“Everybody Eats B”: My fave moments with artist and their food ventures

December 5, 2016 • By

It is no question that 2016 has been a fantastic, I repeat, a fantastic year for music from literally the beginning of the year and trickling down to what’s soon to come during these final weeks. I am thoroughly impressed by what I’ve come across thus far and I could sit here and bask in all of this greatness, but I must say there’s one thing that I love a bit more than music and writing, and that’s devouring delicious foods; I think that’s something we can all agree on. I mean, totally indulging in fancy pictures of meals via instagram or whatever? C’mon! Who doesn’t love to eat right?

Throughout the years, the combination of food and music has proven to be the perfect pair. From metaphors to dance crazes, even a few of our favorite albums were inspired by some good ole’ grubbin’. It’s sort of a favorite pastime of mine. So, with far more artists choosing to embrace their culinary side outside of their musical career, I am LOVING it, okay!? Here’s a few of my favorite food moments from my faves:

The Powamekka Cafe

Sam Hansen and Take 3 Burgers decided to Honor Tupac’s 20th anniversary after his death by opening a one-night only pop up diner in California on September 13th. They gathered a few of Tupac’s actual recipes, and other’s that were inspired by his ideas, to put together a fire menu AND an art show while local artist performed the classics.


Action Bronson and his “Fuck, That’s Delicious” series.

As much as I enjoy hearing Bronson randomly rap about good eats, I find it even more entertaining to watch him enjoy them. From 2014 to earlier this year, Viceland presented a series where Acton Bronson and a few friends travel the world but, unlike your average Food Network television show where we watch people eat bugs and taste what seems like the same wine over and over, this is a pretty legit experience.

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CMC is back at it with NEW music!

December 5, 2016 • By


After high school, DeJ studied nursing at Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University but dropped out before graduating. After that, she held typical jobs for an 18-year-old: as a cashier at Tim Hortons, then at the Dairy Queen in a mall in Dearborn. That’s also when she began to prioritize music and joined a local crew named Creative Minds Coalition as its sole woman member; together, they booked occasional underground gigs.

full interview here

After The Fader’s interview and an honorable mention from Detroit artist Dej Loaf, the Creative Minds Coalition is doing what I’ve hoped for since the 12 days classic era and dropped a shit ton of music. Like literally dropped a bunch of fire in the middle of the night for everyone to marinate in. There will be more to come before the new year! Give the guys a listen below!

Phil Swish & Solo
Prod. By Ace Boogie

Richy Marciano, B-Nix, Nolan The Ninja, Eli Myles & El Supreme

Choice Gaines
Can’t Call It
Prod. By Black Metaphor

So Good


New Music!! Richy Marciano – Celebration

December 2, 2016 • By

After a recent move out of Michigan and the new-found inspiration that followed, Richy Marciano plans to start off the new year with a fresh innovative EP #RiskITALLRichy. But first we need to discuss his most recent drop Celebration; Our accomplishments, knowing that we have the ability to change our surroundings, being thankful for the loved one’s in our lives etc. This is the song you sing after a win, something truly worth celebrating for. I’m excited to see if this’ll be the tone for the EP. It’ll be a great tool to walk into 2017 with.

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Relevancy Versus Quantity

November 30, 2016 • By

How much is too much of a good thing?

Remember when Amerie dropped “All I Have” in the Summer of 2002 and Pharrell dropped “Clones” in the Summer of 2003? These albums were defining moments if you were between the ages of 9-13 and your parents were lovers of music. During this time, every car that drove past had one of these LP’s blaring out of its speakers and bouncing toward eardrums. Despite that the singles from these two albums ,“Why Don’t We Fall In Love” and “Frontin” lived on  the radio for quite a while, there wasn’t a rush to turn the station. This could be because of the attention span of an avid listener back then, (pre-Spotify, pre- Tidal and pre- Mumble Rap). The problem that lies within music today is, to stay relevant, you have to constantly drop high-quality music at a faster pace than before which is hurting the music marketplace.


Why can’t music live in the atmosphere like it used to? Do we truly need more of a good thing? If your favorite artist is releasing mixtape after mixtape, the general fandom side of you will be pleasantly satisfied and your iTunes playlist will be hearty with new music. This tide tends to change if your favorite artist drops a career-defining album (such as J Cole “Forest Hills Drive”) and then disappears from the landscape. Is there a such thing as an artist being able to take their time and craft the best music possible anymore? This remains to be seen. But for now, let’s continue to accept all the albums and mixtapes even if it’s coming at us faster than a speeding bullet.







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Simply Fantastic: A year back in the Wizarding World

November 30, 2016 • By

Throughout the history of literature there has always been a staple or series that would define the genre of that era for years to come. Lord of The Rings, Sherlock Homes, Various Stephen King Novels, and a host of Tom Clancy novels all fit the bill of series or writings that define their time. Unless you’ve lived under a literary rock you’ve experienced the phenomenon that is Harry Potter. From the books, to the films, HP has stretched its magical reach across the world and wowed us all with stories of heroism, bravery, love, and friendship. But everything must come to an end, as did the HP series after releasing its final book in 2007, and film in 2011…

…………until this year.


If you’re a potter fan like me, you’ve probably read the series a couple of times, seen the movies more than that, and read every bit of information J.K Rowling gave us ravenous folk just to sate our appetite. A lot of us grew up with this series and to say that its apart of us is an understatement. We wanted to go to Hogwarts, or Durmstrang or whatever American wizarding schools we could imagine. We wanted to learn, explore, fight. We wanted to be magical. That feeling this year was reignited with the announcement of a Potter story/stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and the release of anticipation for the long-awaited film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. Once again we were on our way back to our favorite world.

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Album Review: Clifford x GueringerThe13th

November 28, 2016 • By

Pontiac, MI based rapper Gueringer The 13th has released his album Clifford  based on his trials and tribulations growing from a young boy on Clifford Street to the man he is today. You can hear his heart and soul throughout the project with very personal tracks like What Would You Do and Good Things you are invited into his life and what means the most to him. The cadence of Gueringer’s voice is unique and over the mostly chill and powerful beats you can definitely tell him apart from the mumbling rap we are hearing all over the airwaves.

The project only has one feature on the track Girls Love to Party from Detroit’s Princess and friend Dej Loaf. The song will definitely have you ready to turn up and wanting to make sure no one tells your daddy because all of it could end badly.

My favorite track on Clifford is by far Searching where Gueringer details how he woos a woman an puts his mack down. The song, produced by Talen Ted, features the perfect “Computer Love” sample you’ve ever heard.

The 15 track project has absolutely no skips, and has the perfect vibes to accompany your winter kickbacks and long drives in the snow. Check out “Clifford” below!