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Black Ops 3 X AO: A hands on review.

September 1, 2015 • By

The beta for the Black Ops 3 multiplayer has been extended another day and its safe to say that the direction the series is moving in is a refreshing one with great potential. Developed by Treyarch, the series is another future shootem up first person decorated with the bells and whistles that future tech provides. Jet pack boosters, nanotech suits, and lightning guns are just a few tools of future debauchery at your disposal. The game at its core is COD through and through, but what this game does is build off of the formula Advanced Warfare laid. Thats right, this game successfully took more elements from Titanfall, added some COD and semi-unique ideas, and pumped out a decent game as far as the multiplayer is concerned.

Screenshot-Original (4)

At the start of the game you’re prompted to chose a character that have skills that range from pulling out an explosive super bow, equipping instant super armor, super speed and a host of other things that add another dimension to the same ol game the COD series had been pumping out recently. While Advanced Warfare, the previous COD title, wasn’t trash, it wasn’t the big enough push the series needed in gameplay to rejuvenate the fans, despite it having solid numbers selling. BO3, while of course still in Beta form, seems to be willing to take risks and adapt with what makes some of the best available shooters great.

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Ilajide | Latex

August 31, 2015 • By



As you can see the members of Detroit’s Clear Soul Forces are working on building themselves a name opposed to only being recognized as a group. Which is a beautiful thing!! I mean, why not highlight your greatest asset as an individual? As a music lover I want to see what it is that everyone contributes.  Pfft, y’all better WORK!

21 tracks of instrumentals all bundled up into LATEX, created by Ilajide himself. His explanation for the name is pretty straight forward. Sex is great, the music is raw but nonetheless wrap it up. I’m not surprised with the album, I’m more so impressed. If you haven’t heard any of his previous work, clearly this is his niche. Also, you can hear the Juggernaut tied into the beat project as well along with bits a pieces of Busta Rhyme and Redman ad-libs. Latex is the calm before the storm. While Ilajide is gradually building a platform for himself be prepared for some funk in the near future. Can’t spare the details but yet that’s another reason for you to get familiar with him!

oh, and peep is bandcamp!

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Why is handwritten letters not a thing?

August 31, 2015 • By


When was the last time you went to grab the mail and found a letter? That doesn’t include baby shower invitations or thank you notes from weddings. The letters that…when you open it, it greets you and follow-up with an update or great news. Nope, instead bills, credit card offers and random coupons are delivered to your door. Unsolicited.

Get this damn Sprint bill away from me. Why do Capitol One know who I am? Glory’s has beef bacon now?

I miss opening a letter and indulging in what’s going on in a friend’s life. I can see every detail and understand the feeling behind every pen stroke. Replying was just as exciting. You don’t know where to start. Sometimes you may want to save information for the next letter. And then the anticipation chimes in when you’re thinking to yourself like, ” I wonder what he/she is going to respond with?”.  Same thing when passing notes in class. I didn’t have my own phone up until my sophomore year in high school and it was only for emergency. Life was simple, I guess…

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What more can I say? NEW MOS DEF

August 29, 2015 • By


Normally when I create a post I make sure I have something to drink on hand. I have to wake myself with some tunes, which may take longer than needed. I begin searching for images and prepare all the easy shit, then I get to the nitty-gritty. The writing itself. The reason why you all are even checking AO out. But, today that routine has changed.

Nigga I got right to it once I heard Yasiin Bey was creating music again…

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Fashion Tips with JB: That’s That Shit I Don’t Like.

August 27, 2015 • By

As a fashion blogger, I try to keep an open mind when comes to the ever-changing sartorial world. When culottes came back, I was apprehensive at first, but I embraced the short pants. When dark lipstick became a thing, I tried out many shades until I fell in love with my now go-to lippie (which is Transylvania by NXY). The point is, I’m hesitant to completely denounce a trend as an absolute fail. However, there are *five* this I can say with 100% certainty that I H-A-T-E. This list includes two God-awful pair of shoes, two beauty faux pas, and one blast from the past that should have never made a comeback. Ladies and gentleman, I present the “That’s That Shit I Don’t Like” list.

  1. Kitten Heels: OKAY, SO, kitten heels suck. Why on Earth would you want to wear a flat shoe with a breath of a heel on it? I use to work at a shoe store and every time a woman would ask me to help them find a pair of kitten heels, a part of me would die a little. Replace your plain kitten heels with a great pair of nude pointy-toe heels, they literally go with everything. I’m currently obsessed with my Steve Madden ‘Pallass” pumps; they’re a great height, a fair price and they’re very comfortable.