New Music: MONALYSE – Cartiers & Minks

January 19, 2017 • By

I love the fact that so many ladies are on their rap shit. The confidence, boldness and womanly aggression is what inspires me and strengthens my faith in women rap artist, DJs, hip-hop/rap enthusiast etc. Over the weekend I’ve been drawn to artist @MONALYSE and her single Cartiers & Minks; which will be on her up-coming project, “Four Color Girls”. Talk about cashy. With literally about 1k plays since it has been released, Monalyse quickly grabbed attention with this track! Check her out below!

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Parents Are the Biggest Dream-Killers

January 19, 2017 • By

Everyone has a dream. The question is will you pursue yours against all odds?

When I talk to full-time college students, they tend to talk about how much time they have left in school, their over-stacked plate full of obligations and responsibilities,  also, how they’re tired of school. On average, a college university has a student body of over 20,000 to 30,000 people. Half of those student’s commute, while the other half stay on campus and brave the elements in between walking all throughout campus to get food, pay off financial bills, and most importantly go to class. But in talking to these students, some who are close friends, there is one intrinsic that message shakes the core of almost every young person that I’ve encountered. A message that is disheartening, but still so true. As one of my good friends would put it, “Parents Kill More Dreams Than Anything Known to Man.”

That’s right. Parents.  The very two people who are responsible for your inception. The two people who are supposed to be your biggest cheerleaders and supporters. All parents aren’t dream-killers though. Some are nurturing and very supportive of the efforts that their son or daughter displays through their work. But in the fields that I’m involved in which are; Journalism and the Music Industry where no money is guaranteed for a long period of time, the antagonizing questions start to arise such as; “What do you really want to do with your life?” “Are you going to be able to get a job after college?” “Why are you even doing this in the first place?”.

These questions, along with the backlash that comes from actually wanting to pursue your dreams is a very daunting reality. Some people have literally given up all of their own dreams and aspirations to follow in the footsteps of their own parent’s lost dreams that were dropped off a long time ago. I spoke to a college freshman a few years ago and he told me that he would rather die being a person that took the world in his hands as opposed to dying and haven’t fulfilled the prophecies that he set for himself. So to anyone who has a parent or guardian, or possibly a teacher or a friend who is constantly telling you what you can’t do, stop talking to them and show them what you can do. You are only granted one life so live everyday as if you have nothing to lose.




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Sexy and Sweet: Detroit’s Up and Coming Raptress Milfie

January 11, 2017 • By

Some may call her a late bloomer because she only started rapping in 2015, but others will call her a natural born talent. Milfie is a native west side Detroit girl who knows no shame. She is brutally honest, spits fire, has probably made out with the girl you have a crush on, and she is killing the Detroit art scene. Don’t hold her down as just another scene girl though because Milfie is only starting her movement.

What inspired the name Milfie?

Milfie was inspired by my early pregnancy. I had my son at 18 and some people may not consider me a milf because I’m  not old enough for cougar status. Milfie is just a lil cute version given to me by a friend and I hear that name more than my actual name, Jasmine.

When did you start rapping?

I started rapping in October of 2015. Even though that isn’t too far back, I’ve been writing poetry forever.

You have received a lot of opportunity and fans in a short amount of time, how does that feel?

People actually listen to my songs and share them, tweet my lyrics, and all types of shit. It makes me happy that people recognize my talent and genuine efforts to make music when I didn’t have the courage to for so long. Clearly, once I decided to do it though I went all out

Your lyrics are gritty yet boastful, what inspires your music?

I’m rapping about my life, the things I go through, how I’m grinding, and playing these niggas. I’m playing, but not really. I’m a hard ass worker and I think that’s why my lyrics are so boastful. Anything I have, I’ve worked to get. Everything I’m doing, will do, and have done are direct results of the pressure I’m putting on myself. I’m also a little (very) rough around the edges as a result of tough love from my mother and my city.

You also model, how has modeling helped your music?

It definitely helps me bring out my sexy and gets me comfortable in my skin. Modeling directly affects your confidence, and I also think that contributes to how boastful or cocky I may come off in music. Seeing a photo of myself with my face beat like the girls I watched as a kid on America’s Next Top Model? It makes me feel on top of the world. It makes me feel like I can literally do whateverthefuck I wanna do. BECAUSE I REALLY CAN.  

Some consider you to be a sex symbol, do you consider yourself to be one, why or why not?

People consider me a sex symbol and I LOVE IT! I have a baby face. The baby face of all baby faces and I’m really grown as fuck. I like to put my sexy on the table because I enjoy it. I  enjoy feeling sexy for myself. I’m assuming a sex ‘symbol’ would maybe make the sexiness a luxury for everyone else, but it really is for me I just know that I’m beautiful and I’m falling more in love with myself and my body everyday and I don’t mind flaunting it.

Who do you aspire to work with?

I aspire to work with Xavier Wulf. He is so hard man. He is so loud and proud and unapologetic and just everything. If you think I’m gritty and boastful, listen to Thunderman. I can’t wait to create with Sam Austins and The MonaLyse. I’ve known them for years and they have so much talent.  

What new projects do you have coming up?

The most recent things I have dropped are Behavior and Filthy Vol. 1 which are two totally different flavors but still very me. This goes to show how crazy MILFIE will go when it drops early this year. I’ve been working on my sound and comfort level and I’m really just going to keep flourishing.

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

This time next year, I will be discussing my life with you, about how it changed my life and how I can’t believe it all happened this fast even though I’m speaking it right now. Watch.  

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Gucci Mane interviews with ESPN’s Highly Questionable crew

January 9, 2017 • By

With last year literally highlighting Gucci Mane and his remarkable transformation I guess you can say within the past 10+ years of his career this is a proud moment for everyone who’ve be a fan since 2015.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m not a murderer, I was upset, I was scared a little bit but I had to do what I had todo. You gotta be a man about it

Gucci Mane, May 2005

After being released from one of his longest and public sentences, a sober Guwop did a complete 180 that was celebrated shortly after getting out last may. Not only did he bless us with 2 albums, we’re soon going to see him on the big screen, and he’s also known as a “relationship goal” because of his engagement to long-time lady/business woman Keyshia Ka’oir! Life is good and when he was invited to do an interview for ESPN’s Highly Questionable Gucci shared the settle details of his early career, drugs/mental illness and how prison helped him make the conscious decision to be happier and healthier.



James Fauntleroy | Warmest Winter II

January 9, 2017 • By

The next time you purchase an album, (if your still into purchasing albums) look for James Fauntleroy’s name in the album credits. Beyoncé’s Albums? Yep. Brandy’s Albums? Yep. Bruno Mars Albums? Absolutely. This singer-songwriter-harmonic god has written for every single major artist of today. His raw vocals around skeleton pieces of production gives him a wicked jump-shot on the courts of music, and sound.

Even though he’s been involved in other various musical projects, his “Warmest Winter II EP” is a follow-up from 2014’s “Warmest Winter EP” which I played in constant rotation. If you’re a sucker for multi-layered harmonies and runs that make you jump out of your computer chair, I won’t lead you astray. Check out ‘Warmest Winter II’ below on Soundcloud.

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3 years later CJ Fly gifts us with FlyTrap

December 19, 2016 • By

Pro Era, as a team, has moved as a unit this year with new music coming from every way possible from artist Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, Dessy Hinds, Aaron Rose and now we have CJ’s FlyTrap album to end off the year with. CJ Fly made the return earlier this month after 3 years from dropping his Thee Way Eye See It mixtape. There is a difference in his flow but I mean, we’re talking about a release since 2013. We was able to hear a bit of it with single Now You Know back in September. 

He focuses on his love for smoking, a few heartfelt experiences and the importance of self-care with is album. A few of my favorite tracks would have to be IDGAF, Get It Done, and Diamonds. 

If you fuck with it, grab it here